Support For Sick, Orphan, Vulnerable And Special Needs

Why it matters

PSF Ghana has been concerned about the plight of babies born with congenital conditions as well as various deformities sometimes arising out of stress situations and other health conditions mothers underwent during pregnancy.


Apart from those mentioned above, certain lifestyles like alcohol intake, smoking, etc. are known to give rise to the birth of such children.

A good number of the conditions f these babies can be reversed with early medical and surgical interventions. The problem of the parents and medical facilities is the lack of finance to effect the requisite changes.


our Contribution

Consultations are made with medical personnel at the various Mother and Baby units (MBU’s) and intensive Care Units (ICU’s) of the various hospitals in the country to help identify babies who show promise of survival after treatment and financial support released at various stages of treatment to reverse their conditions. To this end, PSF Ghana has a part of its activities a ‘SPECIAL NEEDS BABIES’ CAMPAIGN that whips up public sympathy and support to finance this particular project. Next time one of our field workers call at your door step or you meet them at the traffic stop, please endeavor to donate your widow’s mite to help these babies.


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The foundation has accordingly observed that babies with special needs and deformities need extensive health evaluation and health professional’s interventions at the early stages of birth to correct their abnormalities.

However, these special medical evaluations elude so many of them due to their parent’s inability to pay for extra medical expenses. The foundation has therefore realized the need to support these babies in the various hospitals of the country to help save their lives.

Our Intervention​

PSF Ghana is therefore raising funds through our initiative dubbed ‘Special Needs Babies’ Campaign to assist these new-born Babies to go through various operation and medications to correct their abnormalities as early as possible to save their lives.