Public Sensitization And Education And Issues Of Pregnancy And Child Birth

Why it matters

PSF Ghana has been creating awareness on the negative impact of stress in pregnancy on sustainable basis and to bring to the limelite its effects on women’s health while providing counselling and support to pregnant women who have been hard hit by their condition. The education has helped in lessening the plight of women who were being traumatized physically, emotionally and psychologically by either members of their various societies or by their partners.

Our Contribution

The foundation organizes forums in various communities, health centers, workplaces and even educational institutions. The aim of these forums is to create awareness on the adverse effects of pregnancy related stress and its possible causes as stated above. With the support of Chiefs and Opinion leaders of various communities, durbars are organized which our resource persons address the gathering and allow questions from the public for further explanations. The same goes for schools, churches and organizations.

Our Forums

Dominant among other matters discussed are the causes and effects of stress in pregnancy, especially emotional and psychological issues that can affect the pregnant woman’s health as well as the unborn child and how to lessen or avoid the adverse effects on both mother and child.