Pregnancy Stress Management

Why it matters

Stress conditions during pregnancy have been proven to be responsible for some health conditions in mothers and babies. PSF Ghana focuses on the underlying causes and effects of these stress conditions in pregnant women and provide counselling through our resource personnel. Where medical attention is required, referrals are made to appropriate agencies affiliated to PSF Ghana for the necessary attention. Our resource persons comprise Nurses, Midwives, Gynecologists, Clinical Psychologists, Lawyers, Social Workers, etc. Questionnaires are provided for completion by victims to facilitate investigation with the background and possible causes of their stress. 

Some people known to fall within our target groups are as follows.

  1. Rape Victims who become pregnant
  2. Pregnant women who have lost their husbands or partners during pregnancy.
  3. Pregnant women who are not able to afford their basic needs during and after pregnancy.
  4. Pregnant women under severe or intense stress due to conditional or psychological reasons.
  5. Pregnant women who have had exposure to violence or abuses leading to the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, extreme fear or anger.
  6. Pregnant women who are excessively dominated by an authoritative husband and thus finds their life threatened.
  7. Pregnant women suffering from ante-partum depression, which is depression during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes, lifestyle changes, physical, emotional and financial stresses arising out of pregnancy.
  8. Pregnant women who have been separated from their husbands or are in the process of being divorced.
  9. Pregnant women whose partners are simply disinterested in them consequently abandoning them.
  10. Pregnant women experiencing harsh working conditions and environment.

What forms of solution does PSF Ghana offer its victims and target groups?

Depending on the nature and causes of the victim’s stress condition, arising from investigations conducted, solutions ranging from counselling, advocacy, medical attention and material support are provided. The organization facilitates the provision of these solutions through collaboration with its resource persons and stakeholder institutions.

Apart from physical occurrences of stress such as assault or strenuous physical activities, most of the cases of stress in pregnancy are related to psychological and emotional issues.


The scouts of the foundation pay visits to deprived communities in the various regions to identify victims. This is done with the help of the chiefs, people and opinion leaders of those communities.