Nutritional Advice and Support for Vulnerable Mothers and Children

Why it matters

Nutritional deficiency during pregnancy can result in giving birth to underweight babies with weak immune systems. To help address this condition, there is the need for specially formulated foods and medication to boost their immune systems and improve their weight. PSF Ghana liaises with pharmaceutical companies and organizations who deal in products to improve the conditions of such babies.


Our Contribution

With the help of our resource persons, our nutritionist advice our victims on the appropriate nutritional needs during and after pregnancy. Babies who appear to be malnourished are also taken through special diet by our nutritionist.

Babies born prematurely also benefit from the above stated initiative at a very early stage. Locally but professionally prepared foods, namely soya, beans powder, cereals such as maize, brown rice, sorghum, beans etc. are either recommended or provided free of charge to mothers for their babies and sometimes for the mothers themselves.

Above all, cheap and easy to obtain local foods are also recommended for the general improvement of the health of babies and mothers alike.