Economic Empowerment/Counselling for women

Our Concern

PSF Ghana believes that adequate preparation before parenting, especially the existence of adequate resources play a major role in ensuring a successful pregnancy and delivery.

The organization promotes Entrepreneurship Development and with the help of our resource persons advice given to would-be parents who may not be engaged in sustainable economic activity on how to take their destinies into their own hands, by suggesting possible avenues where they can earn themselves an income. PSF Ghana arranges skill training and trademanship for our victims who are eligible through known agencies with whom an understanding is reached to collaborate with us. These comprise successful artisans and tradesmen and women in various vocations. As part of our vision, we wish to set up institutions of our own to support victims in this direction.

How we accomplish this

PSF Ghana lends small amount of monies at no interest to aspiring parents to enhance activities they are already engaged in or other areas where they have demonstrated interest and promise. Some of these areas are small scale farming and fishing activities, trades like dress making, fitting and many other skilled vocations within the local industry set up.

Our Story